Missionary Max and the Lost City

Missionary Max and the Lost City

Missionary Max and the lost cityCAB Ministries congratulates Andrew Comings on the publication of his newest adventure-packed book, Missionary Max and the Lost City. The year’s been busy for Brazil, with the Rio Olympics offering a host of activities. The Comings, who serve with Baptist Mid-Missions in Sao Luis, Brazil, stay in motion with many opportunities to share the gospel.  Andrew, Itacyara, Michael, and Nathanael have set off on their own event-filled journey as they spend time in the spare parsonage of Tuscarora Baptist Church.

They will be visiting supportive New York churches through the end of October during their furlough period. Meanwhile, their Ebenezer congregation in Brazil continues to grow, organizing and administering a VBS program that sent Christians on a quest to know more about Jesus. We pray for safety, guidance, and blessings for the Comings as they champion Christ internationally. And we hope for tons of spiritual success for Ebenezer in a country where God’s glory shines brighter than gold medals!

Missionary Comings in Brazil

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